Vinyl Mini Blinds

For high humidity rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom,
or waterfront locations, vinyl binds are an ideal
choice. Vinyl blinds with the standard braided
cords and non textured gloss stats are easy to
clean, unbreakable, and very resistant to sun

The richly textured embossed prints, elegant
neutrals, and wood tones all help to a add a
decorative dimension that isn't found in horizontal
blinds. Vinyl blinds are available in both solid
colors and embossed finishes, and are also
available in many different sizes as well.

PVC blinds are great as well, as they are a very
durable and fashionable solution as a treatment
for your windows. They will also remain durable
and easy to maintain regardless of the humidity
or other weather factors.

Lightweight vinyl blinds are the least expensive
type of vinyl blinds available, although the
thin slats can sag a bit, the cords can shred,
and the mechanisms used with the blinds can
break or malfunction.

On sale, you can find vinyl blinds as low as
$5.99. The darkening mini blinds on the other
hands, are better quality with less space
between the slats, and run as high as $10.99.

There are some vinyl mini blinds that are
imported that will contain lead, which is a
serious hazard for your health. Lead poisoning
is acute for pregnant women or tiny children
because of their fast growing vulnerable tissue.
The vinyl blinds that are made in the United
States however, are lead free.

Vinyl blinds are also the easiest types of mini
blinds to maintain. You can clean them by
hanging them on a clothesline pole then spraying
them down with a garden hose.

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