The use of a Listing of Podcast Movies

While some video feeds can be found by visiting the
site that hosts them, many more are easier found by
visiting a directory of podcast videos. These podcast
video directories maintain listings of podcasts that have
been submitted to them. They may sort the list
according to region, category, and popularity, helping
visitors find exactly the type of feed they are looking
for. Tech video podcasts can be found, with regular
episodes about technology news. Some video feeds are
experimental podcasts, created by designers interested
in showcasing their work and trying out new forms of
editing and storytelling. There are some feeds that
recreate talk and comedy shows, with interviews every

A directory of podcast videos can help anyone find new
and interesting podcasts to subscribe to, and it can also
help podcasters advertise their feeds. Rather than
relying on word of mouth advertising and people
stumbling onto the feed, a directory makes it easier for
listeners to find the feed. Directories play the role that
early search engines did, maintaining a list of a
relatively small group of net addresses that otherwise
would not be found.

After looking through a directory of podcast videos and
finding a feed that is appealing, it can be subscribed to
by using a podcast client. A podcast client is a computer
program that checks the RSS file that stores the
information about the feed and downloads the video
files that the video podcast links to. The file can then be
watched by the user on their computer whenever and as
many times as they wish.

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The use of a Listing of Podcast Movies 3