Oregon Ski Holidays

Oregon is famous for the ski slopes found around the
state, and if you are planning a ski vacation, you
should definitely consider Timberline Lodge, located
near Mt. Hood in Oregon. There is quite a bit of
history in the area, starting with the lodge that was
built during the Great Depression by a master
craftsman. The Timberline Lodge also has a bit of
more recent history attached to it. Part of the movie,
The Shining, was filmed here. Many of the ‘outside’
shots were done at Timberline Lodge.

The lodge is entirely hand made, and well preserved.
The hand woven draperies and the hand hewn beams
add to the rustic charm and history of the place. The
lodge sits in the middle of 1400 acres consisting of
35 trails. The trails are perfect for beginners,
intermediates, and experts. The top elevation at
Timberline Lodge is 8504 with a vertical drop of 2501.
There are six chair lifts to accommodate skiers.

One of the most unique things about Timberline is
that it is the one place in the United States that offers
year-round snow skiing. Palmer Snowfield is part of
the Timberline Resort, and it is permanently covered
with snow. Beginners are not always allowed on
Palmer snowfield – the conditions are considered
each day when making this determination.

Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, snowshoeing, and
lodge tours are the main attractions at Timberline.
Here, it is all about the powder! Mt. Hood is an active
volcano which is considered to be dormant.
Occasionally, tremors are felt, and steam vents are
often visible. The Cascade Dining Room is open for
breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day, but the hours
do change with the seasons. Other fare can be found
at the Ram’s Head Bar, the Blue Ox bar, the Wy’East
Kitchen Cafeteria, the Market Café, and the Mt. Hood
Brewing Company.

Rental equipment is not available at Timberline. You
must bring your own equipment. However, smaller
items such as gloves and goggles can be purchased
at the lodge, along with some clothing items. There is
a snowboard and ski school on the premises, and
private and group lessons are available.

If the idea of a ‘rustic’ ski vacation appeals to you,
as opposed to trips with accommodations that are a
bit fancier, then Timberline Lodge in Oregon is the
place to be! Again, it is definitely all about the history
and the powder here. However, whether you ski or not,
you must not miss the Magic Mile, which offers a
panoramic view of the Cascade mountains that cannot
be matched!

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