Faded Ale Beer

English pale ale
The style of English pale ale was originated by
producers in Burton during the 1800's. The high
levels of calcium found in the water compliment this
style quite well, by making a more efficient
extraction of bitter resins from the hops.

The taste and aroma of English pale ale is similar
to that of the English Bitter. The term "pale" was
intended originally to distinguish beers of this
type from the black London Porter. Classic English
ales aren't pale, rather golden to copper colored.

American pale ale
The types of American pale ales range from golden
to light colored copper. This style of ale is best
characterized by American variety hops used to
produce high hop bitterness, aroma, and flavor.
These types of beers are less malty than their British

These beers have medium body and low to medium
maltiness. Chill haze is acceptable only at cold

Belgian pale ale
The Belgian ales are very similar to British ales,
although they are more spicy and aromatic - both
in malt and yeast character. These types of ales
are known by low, yet noticeable hop bitterness,
flavor, and aroma.

Low malt aroma and light to medium body are typical
for Belgian pal ale. In color, they are golden to
deep amber. Noble hop types are normally used,
while low to medium fruity esters are evident in
both flavor and aroma. Chill haze with Belgian pale
ale is acceptable at cold temperatures.

Pale ale beers are very popular throughout the world,
being served in hundreds of thousands of bars. They
are also great for social occasions as well, as
millions of people enjoy their dark yet satisfying
tastes. If you've never experienced pale ale beer -
you shouldn't deprive yourself any longer.

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