Microbrews Of The Northwest

The ideal place to sample the best of Northwest
handcrafted ale is a well run brewpub, which will
stimulate the human spirit with warmth, the scent
of malt, pleasant conversation, and hearty food.

Helping to combat the chilly, damp climate of
the region, brewpubs have become great places of
refuge where you can shake off the tears of a
hostile world, order a pint of cask beer, then
savor a complex beer that will caress every one
of your senses.

Microbreweries (companies that produce less than
20,000 kegs a year) can be found everywhere from
Minneapolis to Maui, although it all began in the
Pacific Northwest. On any evening, many dozen
locally brewed beers and ales are available for
your enjoyment in Portland and Seattle.

Most East Coast microbreweries produce German
style lagers, which is the most famous style of
brewing for American palates. The microbreweries
of the Northwest go all out for wildly adventerous
bitters, stouts, and porters.

With all of these amazing beers to choose from,
you may be wondering where to begin. When you
look for a microbrew, you should always be
thinking about variety. At any time in both
Seattle and Portland, you can find several dozen
fresh, locally made brew on tap. They all range
in strength from the standard 3 1/2% to a very
potent 8 1/2%.

As for the flavor, you'll have to taste it for
yourself. There's the rich sweetness of malt,
balanced well with good bitter hops. Then, there's
also the mocha java overtones of roasted barley,
used with stouts and porters, and the spicy kick
of malted wheat.

There are also the sweet ales and tart ales,
mild ales, and ales that are so charged with flavor
that they linger on the tongue. No matter which
type of microbrew you choose, your sure to get
a flavor that will make you come back for more.

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