Track studio in a storage

Music is your hobby and you want to practice with your band.
The only available place that you can think of is your garage but you
also have neighbors that must not be disturbed while you are
practicing. The only solution to use your garage as a music
studio is to soundproof it or build a small studio in one corner of
the garage. For this you need to use two existing garage walls
and build another two new walls on an angle to improve the
acoustics of the studio.

After measuring the angle you will have to anchor sole plates to
the garage floor and frame the first new wall. After finishing the
framing for the second wall and adding a door to this one you
have to insulate the garage walls to help deaden the sounds. Next
you will hang drywall on the new walls and patch the seams. The
final layer of sound-deadening material will be applied to the
walls and to the ceiling. This layer is made of some secondhand
carpeting. After applying these carpets you can cover them with
some strip boards pinned onto the wall with nails.

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