Sony HDR-FX1

The Sony HDR-FX1 is the world's first consumer 1080i
high definition video camera. A revolution of form
and function, the HDR-FX1 will allow you to play
and record interlaced high definition video at
resolutions of up to 1440 X 1080 for professional
quality video with plenty of vivid colors and amazing

The HDR-FX1 also features the real time HD codec
engine, which offers you professional level MPEG 2
video compression, and a 14 bit HD digital extended
processor for increasing the speed of the processor.

The camera images are captured on three chip advanced
HAD CCD system that provides an increased detail along
with improved video performance without the color
blending that is found with other cameras.

The HDR-FX1 also offers an amazing amount of control
for the user, which includes manual zoom, focus, and
iris control. The picture profile will allow you to
create a number of preset video modes for a variety
of shooting. The composing shots are easier than
ever with the 3.5 inch LCD display and the extra
large electronic view finder.

Other features of this amazing camera include:

Manual zoom and focus rings
Dual independent zoom and focus rings provide precise
and detailed control over the amount of zoom and
overall focus of the image. Fast framing when
zooming in and finely detailed focus are easier
than ever with the natural feel the rings provide.

Super shot system
The Sony steady shot image stabilization system
will control a wide range of shake and even vibration
frequencies. This system achieves a very high level
of smoothness without degradation of video like
other types of stabilization systems.

Manual iris control
By turning the iris dial found on the side of the
camera, you can manually adjust the amount of light
that enters the camera. The iris is adjustable
from f1 to f11 in 24 easy steps.

Picture profile
This will allow you to set the manual adjustments
for a shoot into any one of the six available presets,
so you can call them up at any time at the touch
of a button. This is very handy when shooting
under the same conditions frequently, as the options
don't need to be reset each time.

Offering you a slew of other features and benefits,
the Sony HDR-FX1 is truly one of the best high
definition video cameras you can buy. With an
affordable price, this is something everyone who
loves to take pictures and make videos shouldn't
be without.

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