Storing Your Boat

One of the keys to owning a boat is the question of
where to keep it when you aren't using it. Your
budget, convenience, and availability are all keys
that should be talked about.

There's no less expensive way to store a boat than
on a trailer in your driveway or yard. A trailer
offers you the advantages of taking your boat into
different areas of water, taking your boat out
whenver you like, or just saving fees on your winter
storage. Before you look into a trailer, make sure
that your vehicle has the towing capacity for your
boat and the equipment you need.

Rack storage
For smaller boats, a great alternative to storage is
rack storage, or dry stacks. Typical rack storage
facilities will keep your boat in a covered shed
filled with plenty of room. Simply call the facility
before you want to use the boat and they will
retrieve it for you. When you are finished boating,
simply bring it back, tie it up, and they will
return it to the storage area for you.

Marina advantage
If your a boat owner craving convenience, a marina
slip is just what you need. Simply drive your family
to the marina, get in the boat, and go. Rates will
vary from state to state, although most offer you
several other perks as well.

Buying your slip
In some areas, you can actually buy a permanent slip
at a marina. This can be great to have in high
demand areas, as it guarantees you a slip at the
marina whenever you need to store your boat. The
purchased slip is a long term asset, and is good
for as long as you own a boat.

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