Common Studios Excursions Lodges

When planning your Universal Studios Tours
vacation, you may wish to stay at a hotel that is
within walking distance of the park. There are only
two hotels within walking distance, and they are
both world-class hotels that are highly

The Universal Sheraton Hotel is located at 333
Universal Hollywood Drive. The hotel has served
visitors to Universal Studios since 1969, and it is
known as the Hotel of the Stars. The hotel literally
sits on the back lot of the studio.

Featuring 436 guest rooms and suites, the hotel
often has many famous guests. There is no telling
who you might run into! Although it is in walking
distance of Universal Studios, the hotel staff believe
that everyone should be treated like a star, and
therefore, complimentary tram rides to the park are

The guest rooms feature high speed Internet
access, air conditioning, an alarm clock, cable
television, and a coffee maker. Hotel services
include a valet service, a business center and
business services, a car rental service, a concierge
service, and room service. There are 21 meeting
rooms on the property, as well as a lobby lounge
and the Baja Beach Club Poolside Lounge.

The Hotel of the Stars is the most popular hotel to
stay at, but if there are no rooms available, you
should consider the Universal City Hilton Hotel. The
Universal City Hilton is located at 555 Universal
Hollywood Drive. The Hilton offers guests fine dining
in several on site restaurants, and has several
lounges on the property as well. The hotel features
a health and fitness center, a business center, and
deluxe room accommodations. Each guest room
at the Universal City Hilton features a view of the
Hollywood Hills, including the San Fernando Valley
and Universal Studios.

These two hotels are highly recommended by
Universal Studios due to their close proximity and
the high level of quality guest amenities and service.
Because of their popularity, you should book your
trip well in advance, and make sure that you make
any special requests for additional amenities or
services at the time that you make your reservation.

Other hotels are available within driving distance of
Universal Studios Tours, but if possible, you should
plan to stay at one of these fine hotels. Again, the
proximity to the park and level of quality service
cannot be topped. You may also be able to get a
special rate on Universal Studios tickets at the
Concierge’s desk of either hotel.

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