Common Studios Particular Services and products

Universal Studios strives to ensure that everyone who
visits Universal Studio Tours has an enjoyable
experience. While guest services are available for
everyone, there are special guest services available
for guests with more specialized needs.

Guests in wheelchairs should have no problem
accessing everything in the park, however, occasionally,
some assistance may be required. If this occurs,
staff members will be only too happy to assist. If
special assistance is needed, please visit the
Guest Relations desk, which is near the front
entrance of the park. You can also contact Guest
Relations in advance of your visit. Accessibility
points for wheelchairs are marked with the
International signs.

If you require a sign language interpreting service,
one will be made available to you at Universal
Studios Tours free of charge, with two weeks notice.
Arrangements can also be made for closed
captioning, assistive listening devices, and
telecommunication devices for the deaf. TTY
telephones are located at the Guest Services booth
as well, and all pay phones throughout the park
have the amplified feature.

Service animals are always welcome at Universal
Studios, and will be allowed in the restaurants, gift
shops, and the attraction queues. For the safety
and well-being of the animal, service animals will not
be allowed on some of the rides or inside some of
the attractions. Special arrangements can be made
for the service animal while it’s owner enjoys the
attractions, however. Non-service animals must be
placed in the complimentary kennel, located right
outside the park gates.

Pregnant women should avoid The Studio Tour, Back
to the Future, and Jurassic Park. These are not
suitable for expectant mothers, and may cause
complications in the pregnancy, including early labor.
Furthermore, pregnant women will be given special
stationary seating for the Shrek 4-D attraction and the
Terminator 2: 3D attraction. Speak with a cast member
for assistance. You should speak with your doctor
before planning a trip to Universal Studios Tours –
he or she may advise against such a trip.

Spanish language tours are available every day that
the park is open, and tours for other languages can
be arranged with advance notice. Again, Universal
Studios Tours wants everyone to have a pleasant
experience at the park, and they will do everything
possible to ensure this. If you have a special need,
please call and speak with a cast member at the
Guest Services Center, or visit the center upon
your arrival to the park.

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