Common Studios Excursions and Tv Audiences

Have you ever dreamed of sitting in the audience of
your favorite television shows? Now you can – at
the Universal Studios Tours TV Audience Booth.
This could be the opportunity of a lifetime, but you
need to move fast.

Make your way to the TV Audience Booth inside
the park. Find out what shows are filming on that
particular day, or for other days when you will be at
the park. The tickets are free, but there is limited
availability, and not all shows will be filming
everyday. You can often find out the filming
schedule for shows by calling ahead. With that
schedule, you can plan your trip to coincide with
the filming of your favorite shows.

What better way to spend part of your Universal
Studios Tour vacation? You can see what is going
to happen on your favorite television shows well in
advance. You can even make a game of it! Don’t
tell you friends that you were in the audience, and
place bets as to what is going to happen later in
the series!

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