Common Studios Excursions – The Easiest Time To Talk over with

As with all theme parks, there is a good time and a
bad time to visit the Universal Studios Tours theme
park. You should strive to visit at a time when the
park is less crowded to get the most out of the tour
and the park.

Weekends and school holidays should be avoided.
Most of the visitors at these times are local people
who live in the area, and it becomes very crowded,
with very long lines. The park is closed on
Thanksgiving and Christmas, so don’t plan a visit
during those times.

Visit the Universal Studios website to find out which
movies are in production, or which movies will be in
production at the time of your visit. This may play in
the decision as to when to visit. If you visit during
the time of a movie production, you are likely to see
the movie set, and you may even get the opportunity
to see the stars in action!

When you do visit, plan to arrive well before the
gates open. You should arrive at least thirty minutes
in advance. You should buy your tickets in advance
for added convenience. This can be done through a
travel agent, over the phone, or online. Tickets can
even be printed out using your printer.

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