Common Studios Excursions – It’s No longer For Everybody

Unlike Disneyland, Universal Studio Tours are not for
everyone. While there is plenty to do and see, the
attractions are not appropriate for all ages. This
should be strongly considered if you are planning a
family vacation that includes Universal Studios.

There are no attractions that are suitable for babies
or toddlers at Universal Studios. Most babies and
toddlers will not be interested in the Universal
Studios Tour. Furthermore, getting a stroller around
the upper and lower lots is almost impossible.
Universal Studios is a great place to have some fun
– unless you are a baby, a toddler, or a parent of a
baby or toddler.

If you will be taking your vacation with a toddler or a
baby, you may be better off saving the Universal
Studios Tour for another vacation – a few years down
the road. There is no charge for admission for babies
and toddlers at Universal Studios, but there usually
isn’t if the person cannot enjoy the attractions at the
park! Remember – the baby or toddler isn’t the only
one who won’t be having any fun.

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Common Studios Excursions – It’s No longer For Everybody 3