The G-floor

During the last years, the garage has become an important
extension of the house. More and more people remodel their
garage giving it a new purpose, for example transforming it into a
home office, a workshop, a music studio and even adding a new
room on top of it. If you are the type that needs to have a workshop
in his garage and you also want to park your car inside it you
definitely have to install a G-floor.

This type of flooring keeps your garage looking new whatever
activities you choose to do inside and also does a great job in
hiding cracks and stains while protecting the floor from oil, battery
acid, grease, brake fluids, salt, antifreeze, mud or other dirt that
finds its way into the garage. If you are living in a colder climate
, you definitely know what a mess winter snow and salt
make in your garage, this floor is easy to clean , you just have to
hose it off.

If you are thinking of remodeling your garage, you must consider the
option of installing a G-floor for several reasons: the coin-pattern
flooring is easy to install, rather cheap, durable and gives a great
look to your workshop-garage.

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