Lagering, as a process, was discovered around 200
years ago in Bavaria. Here, it was found that
beers experiencing secondary fermentation in casks
stored in the caves of the Alps would produce beers
with differnet characteristics than ales.

The process of lagering became very popular in
areas where fermentating with cool temperatures
could be maintained, although it wasn't until the
invention of the refrigerator that lagers really
spread around the world.

Over the last several years, flat sales have been
seen for breweries as a growth in sales for
American microbrews. Even though a lot of the
beer volume from lager is composed of cheap quality
product from the large breweries, there's plenty
of great products available, although most are
from Europe.

European all malt Pilsener
World wild, Pilseners are the most popular style.
The style originated in Bohemia in a town that
was named Pilsen by the brewery. Even though
there are some superb Pilseners made outside this
region, the style is frequently cheapened and
is also the basis for many beers lacking quality
or being just plain ol' cheap beer.

German Pilsener
Classic German Pilseners are very light in color
and well hopped, with the hop bitterness being
high. It's a well attenuated, medium bodied beer
although a malty accent can be perceived. There
shouldn't be any chill haze, as the head of the
beer should be dense and rich.

Bohemian lager
Lagers in this category are very similar to German
Pilseners, although they are more full bodied
and can be as dark as light amber. This style of
beer will balance the moderate bitterness and
noble hop aroma with a malty, yet slightly sweet

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