L. a. Jolla Leisure

Each and every year, La Jolla draws countless tourists
from around the world. With its picturesque terrain,
incredible views and charming culture, La Jolla is
a visitors paradise. The entertainment for the area
consistently pleases the growing tourist population
as well, catering to a wide variety of tastes.

La Jolla flourishes and astounds with it's distinguished
art galleries. The community celebrates an extensive
array of art, although most galleries tend to favor
contemporary pieces. The Quint Gallery highlights
modern art, featuring paintings in oil and water
colors, along with photography and sculptures.

The Gallery La Jolla offers various European and
American contemporary artists, housing both paintings
and sculptures. Just down the street is the
Carlton Gallery, which is devoted to sculpture,
and showcases Oriental art as well.

Even though art clearly dominates La Jolla's
cultural atmosphere, music isn't neglected. A
variety of styles bring music alive to tourists
and local residents. Athenaeum Music and Arts
Library has a collection of books and other pieces
that are devoted to the musical world.

During summer, Concerts by the Sea in La Jolla
is very popular among locals and tourists. Located
at the La Jolla Cove, this annual concert series
presents live music in an oceanside setting.

Theater and film
The La Jolla Playhouse is the most popular theater
in the area. The theater has been around for many
years, and now known for it's new plays. For the
world of film, the Cove Theater is an old
fashioned theater that shows independant and
foreign films that are often neglected by main
stream movie theaters.

The nightlife in La Jolla is upbeat and very
energetic. The Spot is a popular nighttime venue,
located in the La Jolla Village. Another great
spot is Humphrey's La Jolla Grill. For those
who are looking to laugh, The Comedy Store is
highly recommended.

Outdoor activities
The sunny area of La Jolla amazes with outdoor
activities as well. You can see panoramic views
of San Diego County from Mount Soledad or climb
through the mysterious caverns provided by the
La Jolla Caves.

Gold enthusiasts won't want to miss the Torrey
Pines Golf Course, which is the only public
course in the entire PGA circuit. Those who
are seeking adventure may want to check out La
Jolla from the air with an airborne journey from
the Torrey Pines Gliderport.

Whether your looking for art, nightlife, or outdoor
adventure, La Jolla has the entertainment you
crave. There is a lot of things to do here -
giving tourists more than one reason to come back
for more.

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