Cabrillo National Monument

Located in San Diego California, the Cabrillo National
Monument provides a historic lighthouse with plenty
of activities. There are great views here as well,
with tidepools, flora and fauna, whales to watch,
and even military history.

The Monument offers hiking along designated trails,
bicycling on paved roadways, and swimming within the
park boundaries. Fishing is permitted here as well,
with hook and line - although only one fish may be
taken. When walking the trails and exploring, make
sure to be on the lookout for cliff areas, as they
can be very unstable.

A lot of visitors come to the National Monument to
enjoy the breathtaking views of the San Diego Bay and
the Pacific Ocean. Because of this very reason, the
park has become of the best harbor views anywhere in
California - or the world for that matter!

The tidepools are great to see here as well, although
you should always be careful. Even though they are
great to admire, the surface may be very slippery.

Anytime you are in the San Diego area, a trip to
the Cabrillo National Monument is more than worth the
time. You can walk the trails, have fun, or just
enjoy the breathtaking views of San Diego that only
the Cabrillo National Monument can provide you with.

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